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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Trump-et Shall Sound (Purely for the Trumpeters)

We shared all those international competitions, but they seemed rather light on brass. So - here are some trumpet competitions.  Enjoy - and good luck!

Courses and Competitions for Musicians

Although the Whittaker Library doesn't actively collect details of courses and competitions, at this time of year flyers seem to wing their way to us like homing pigeons.  Yesterday was a record - four flyers in one afternoon!  What can we do but share them with our friends?

Conducting, Piano, Organ, Strings, Wind, Vocal, Chamber ...!

Monday, 23 January 2017

Books For the Teachers

Student Teachers, Look!

Our PGCert/ Masters in Education courses are done by distance-learning.  We get e-books where possible, but sometimes they're only available as paperbacks.  If anyone's going to be in Glasgow in the near future, we've just catalogued some brand new paperbacks, (practically) hot off the press.

Did you know, the homepage of our catalogue has a link to our latest books:- click the link at the bottom of the pink square:-
  • Catmull, Edwin, Creativity, Inc: overcoming the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration (2014)
  • Cron, Lisa, Wired for story: the writer’s guide to using brain science to hook readers from the very first sentence (2012)
  • Duarte, Nancy, Resonate: present visual stories that transform audiences (2010)
  • Gilbert, Elizabeth, Big magic: creative living beyond fear (2015)
  • Griffith, Andy, Engaging Learners (2012)
  • Griffith, Andy, Teaching Backwards (2014)

Friday, 20 January 2017

Introduction to Music Psychology? We can help with that ...

Soothing Thoughts from the Library 

Students following the Introduction to Music Psychology option have to do a presentation later this month.  The Whittaker Liibrary can help find resources to get that presentation all polished and ready to go.

Music Psychology Books

If you need books on Music Psychology – we have materials in print and electronic format.   (Check “Refine your Search” down the left side of the screen)

Electronic Resources for Home and Away

Need more?  Or need online material to use from home?

How to Access E-Resources

  • Students and staff need "institutional access" to use these resources (Look for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in the list, then use your normal RCS login) 
  • Lastly - when searching, look out for boxes to check for “only items I have access to”, to avoid retrieving things that we don’t subscribe to!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Deadlines? Library Help is at Hand ...

Kodaly Musicianship Assignment?

A little bird told us there's a written assignment coming up, and a practical exam shortly after that.  Here are some quick suggestions from the Whittaker library! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can offer any other help.

You might like to spread your wings a bit and try our e-journals
  • Remember – when asked to login, please choose Institutional Access 
  • When searching, tick the box “only items I have access to”, to avoid retrieving things that we don’t subscribe to.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Pick a Play to Suit your Cast, or Music to Fit Your Ensemble

How to Pick a Play to Suit your Cast?

Our handy library guide tells you about our long-established cast index.

How to Pick Music to Fit your Ensemble?

Another of our equally handy library guides tells you all about searching the catalogue to find just the music for your particular ensemble!

Dance Competition, Barcelona

Call for Entries! Barcelona Dance Award

13 to 17 April 2017

We've been notified of an award which may interest our dancers. Further information is supplied by the organisers, as follows:-

Competition for Dance-Schools and Groups.

Call for Everybody to dance in the amazing culture capital of Europe - inviting participants, directors, choreographers, dancers, performing arts educators, teachers, arts managers and dance-theatre lovers. Everyone can participate, any division and any level are welcome. All info on:  
4 days of Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop and each other kind of choreo art, Dance Team Showcases and International performances competitions. 


By participating in our events you will perform in theatres specializing in dance productions, with all the prerequisites for your artistic success.  All theatres have spacious dressing rooms with mirrors,practice rooms and warming up spaces before the performances with dance-bars.

On the acting area there will be professional light and audio systems, support technicians and qualified personnel, curtains, dance carpet, wings, black box, cyclorama backdrops and large spaces for your performances, this is the right ways to improve the professional choreographicc arts!

Dance area specifications:

Stage totally flat;
dimensions =13 m (width) x 11 m (depth);
4 wings per side;
backstage passage side to side;
both stage sides (right and left) can be used to get in and out.
 All web info on:  This is a huge opportunity for dancers, teachers, and parents to find out how to participate.  Mail the office, space is limited, so Directors should act right away.  If interested, email:

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Whitaker Library Trial of Medici TV

We currently have a trial of Medici TV for all of our staff and students.

Medici is a streaming service that covers concerts and archived historical concerts, operas, ballets, documentaries, artist portraits, educational programs and master classes. There is so much to get your teeth into!

The events that are broadcast live are from venues such as Carnegie Hall, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Concertgebouw, Teatro alla Scala, Berliner Philharmonie, Salle Pleyel, Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, Verbier Festival and Salzburger Festspiele.

You can access this resource at the RCS as well as at home and it is available on all digital devices including tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android).

The trial ends on the 6th of February so please make the most of it and let the Whittaker Library know what you think!

Friday, 13 January 2017

The Library Discovery Layer: Improvements Ahead

90 Years in the Library

Wikipedia picture
Whittaker Library catalogue today

Rather to our surprise, casual conversation revealed the fact that by 2018, three of the library staff will each have been here for thirty years.  Heavens!  We've amassed a wealth of expertise, and seen the library change from using a card catalogue (imagine!) through several online systems, to the present library catalogue

Material for your Learning and Teaching

We're looking forward to a new library management system later this year.  It's a system already in use at the University of the Arts London.  We can't wait!  Of course, ours will be branded and designed for RCS Whittaker Library, but the underlying structure will work like the University of the Arts London catalogue.

What's a Discovery Layer?

In technical terms, we're getting a discovery layer.  So what will change?  At the moment, you either check the catalogue or you check our e-resources pages.  By the summer, you'll be able to look for online material via the library catalogue, just like you look for physical, hard-copy books, music and audiovisual content.  (Look at the UAL catalogue - they have two buttons, one for library materials and the other for database content via Articles Plus.)  

The Right Stuff, whatever the Format

We hope this will revolutionise information searching at the Conservatoire, because you'll find the right stuff for your studies, regardless of whether it's digital or sitting on a shelf.

It's not so long since we were asked, 'Where do you keep your electronic resources?' (Well, they're online ... )  But when we get our new system, the answer will hopefully be, 'Just click here ... '

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Historic Dance: Quadrilles in Edinburgh

Nathaniel Gow’s Dance Band

RCS tutor promotes concert and workshop

 Talitha Mackenzie is promoting a concert and dance workshop as part of a Bicentennial Celebration to honour Nathaniel Gow’s introduction of Quadrilles to Edinburgh.  The events are on 20th and 21st January 2017:-
  • Concert: Friday 7.30 pm
  • Quadrille Dance Workshop: Saturday 2.00-5.00pm

Edinburgh Assembly Rooms

Assembly Rooms Ballroom, 54 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2LR
  • Concert Ticket now New Year Sale price £10!
  • Workshop Ticket £15/£12 
  • Combination Ticket now £20!
 “This is a brilliant and worthy project that is of great importance to our nation’s history of dance.”- Stuart Marsden.

Nathaniel Gow Dance Band - a stellar line-up of performers

Aaron McGregor Violin ~ Alison McGillivray Cello
Callum Armstrong Scottish Smallpipes, Recorder ~ Marie Fielding Violin
Featuring Simon Chadwick 18th century Clàrsach and Les Danses Antiques
led by Alena Shmakova, performing French Quadrilles and Scottish Country Dances
For more information: or phone 0131 447 0091