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Friday, 2 December 2016

Beyond the Lecture Theatre (and in the Distant North)

UMIS/SUSCAG conference, 26-27 Jan 2017 

Two organisations combine to bring you this event - University Museums in Scotland, and Scottish Universities Special Collections and Archives Group.  If you're interested in how to increase interest in your rare books, special collections, archives or other unique collections, it sounds like a must!
Library and Archive staff alike will be drawn to this conference, being held at the University of Aberdeen in January 2017.  We certainly are!  For further details, visit their website:-

Whittaker's Christmas Jokes

One of the library staff is particularly keen on puns. They've kindly offered an Advent Calendar of puns, but yesterday's came too late, so you get two today ..... (drum roll ...)

 1st December:-

Why did Santa’s workshop get shut down?

Elf and safety!
2nd December:-

What’s the best Christmas present in the world?

A broken drum. You just can’t beat it!
3rd and 4th December:-

"Mother, don't get alarmed, but I’m at the hospital.”
"Son, please. You’ve been a doctor there for eight years now."