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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Una Hunt Plays - The Wild Irish Girl and her Harp, Friday 25 July 2014

We've heard about an intriguing radio recital from Ireland.  It takes place this Friday evening, 25th July.

… a portrait of Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
on The Lyric Feature
25 July 2014               RTÉ Lyric fm            7-8pm             96-99fm
A portrait of the extraordinary celebrity cult figure - Sydney Owenson, later Lady Morgan, who penned the once-famous novel - The Wild Irish Girl (1806). In addition to her writing, she also enjoyed a flourishing career as a drawing-room singer and performer on the Royal Portable Irish harp built by John Egan. Sydney Owenson styled herself on Glorvina, the harp-playing princess from her novel, thereby initiating a fashion for her own brand of pseudo-Celtic dress, and she also composed some quite influential songs, a fact that is no longer recognised.
Music on the programme includes specially recorded world-premiere recordings of Owenson’s Hibernian Melodies performed by Laura Murphy, mezzo soprano and Una Hunt, piano, along with harp airs played by Boston-based Nancy Hurrell on John Egan’s harps. Contributors include Nancy Hurrell, Claire Connolly (Professor of Modern English, University College Cork) and Julie Donovan (George Washington University, Washington D.C.). Engineering by Ben Rawlins.
Presented and produced by Una Hunt.
A Heritage Music Production for RTÉ Lyric fm. This programme is made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland's Sound and Vision Funding Scheme.
The Wild Irish Girl can be heard live on the internet through the RTÉ lyric fm website and can be accessed at any time for a week after broadcast.  Just go to and click the 'LISTEN BACK' icon to hear the current feature. Thereafter, the programme is available on the Lyric fm Archive."

Monday, 21 July 2014

More music for Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Staff and Students to Stream

The Whittaker Library has upgraded our subscription to Alexander Street Press, and we now offer the Premium version to our registered staff and students.

World music, Dance, Jazz - and even more classical music.  Take a look at these:- 

And here is the list of EVERYTHING in this new subscription! CLICK HERE.

Are you a Student at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland? Read this!

Even if you're technically 'on holiday', you can still access the vast majority of our e-resources via the Whittaker Library website or Mahara pages.

And we have a surprise for you - a much improved offering of streamed music and video via Alexander Street Press Music Online, now the Premium edition.  Find the whole lot here:-

But this isn't just classical music - oh, no!  There's world music, jazz, ballet videos ...

Take a look at these additional resources, which you now have access to:-

Global Music Streaming - Music Online Premium from Alexander Street Press

Alexander Street Press - Music Online Premium

Did you think Alexander Street Press only streamed classical music? Think again!  Music Online Premium offers much more than just classical music streaming!

Useful Website for Academics: Vitae, from the Chronicle of Higher Education

 Vitae: News and Advice for Higher Education

This is an American website from the Chronicle of Higher Education. Even allowing for some Transatlantic differences, it still offers many useful articles on all aspects of academic life, from diversity and equality to pay, research, and writing.  

Visit the website HERE.

A Real Treat for Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Staff and Students! Alexander Street Press Music Online Premium

Alexander Street Press - Music Online Premium

We have another high quality e-resource for students and staff at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland!  Alexander Street Press Music Online Premium offers much, much more than just classical music streaming!

Here is what's on offer - something for just about everyone!

Times Digital Archive available to Royal Conservatoire of Scotland community

Staff and students at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland now have access to the excellent and very useful Times Digital Archive.

Covering The Times newspaper from 1785 to 2008, it's a fantastic resource, especially for performing artists looking for theatre, concert or film reviews.  If you're a member of staff or a student at the Royal Conservatoire, then here's the link:- CLICK HERE.

  • Try looking up our former Principal, Philip Ledger, whose fame extended over many decades. 
  • See what's been written about composer Gerald Finzi.
  • Search for National Theatre of Scotland.
  • Or,  just for fun, search for Harry Potter film
You'll also find the link on our Library and IT website, or via our Mahara page.

Making a Success of a New Theatre: Guardian Culture Professionals blog about Leicester Curve

This was posted by Guardian Culture Professionals Network recently.  Of interest to anyone working in theatre!

""The most expensive and most disastrous project this city has ever seen in its history." So said Leicester's mayor of the city's Curve theatre in 2012. A curveball for the Curve certainly, but one the venue has managed to turn into a home run, as its chief executive Fiona Allan revealed to us yesterday in a refreshingly honest blog for Culture Pros. The theatre has since increased ticket sales by 130% and has been accepting awards left, right and centre."  Read the post HERE.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Say what you mean, Sing what was written - IPA Source

IPA Source is a database for singers.  It gives the pronunciations of opera, oratorio and song texts.  Karen has made a short podcast about it.  Here's the YouTube link.

You'll also find the podcast on the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Library Mahara pages, so don't worry if you can't find this posting later!

Finding Old Scores - go digital at (and more)

Most people have heard of the Petrucci Music Library, otherwise known as IMSLP.  But have you come across the Internet Archive, at

They're really useful. Don't assume they're only for printed texts, either.  Today we were looking for a vocal score of the opera, L'Inganno Felice, by Gioacchino Rossini.  We found an old edition in the Petrucci Music Library.  (See here.)

We checked, and there was a solo piano rendition in all its early 19th century splendour.  (It's dated 1812, to be precise.)

So you see, these sites are useful, you really should favourite them!  Save to your Diigo account and you'll be able to access them from any of your digital devices.

Staff and students at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland also have access to Library Music Source via our database page.  It's only accessible on-site, but it's another valuable source of performance materials.  

What has Technology done to Art?, asks Aaron Souppouris

Spotted on Twitter today, an interesting article about what technology is doing to art.  Read it on 

Technology has changed art, and this is what it looks like: A major new exhibition looks at technology's effect on the creative arts, by Aaron Souppouris on July 3, 2014 10:09 am Email @AaronIsSocial     Here's the link!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Judith Weir : Master of the Queen's Music

Composer Judith Weir will be the first female Master of the Queen's Music, when she succeeds Sir Peter Maxwell this year.

  • Read the Sunday Times Article here.
  • Commentary in The Guardian newspaper here.
  • Check out some of Weir's works in the Whittaker Library at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland here.
  • Registered staff and students can find more electronic info and streamed sound on the Library and Information Services databases page.

18th Century Culture: Dance, Theatre Set Design, and Mystery Editors

Early dance, Georgian set design, and Robert Burns' Mystery Editor

Even away from the day-job, 'Whittaker' keeps finding interesting snippets to share with the community of performing artists at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.  Here are three unrelated weblinks to 18th century topics:-

Monday, 30 June 2014

The Pied Piper and his Clarinet - a blogpost by Bibliolore

While Whittaker was away this weekend, the lovely people at RILM posted a charming blogpost about the Pied Piper of Hamelin (Hameln, in Germany).  We thought you might enjoy it, so click here for the link.

When not entertaining you with informative music tit-bits, you'll find RILM itself is the abstracting/indexing database that musicians use to source reliable writings about all aspects of music.  Find it on the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's Library and IT Mahara pages.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Keep up-to-date with UK Higher Education Policy

The Leadership Foundation for Higher Education periodically issues policy documents which may be of interest to administrators and lecturing staff, not to mention tutors undertaking a postgraduate teaching certificate.

The Whittaker Library at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland has a number of these policy documents. You can find them here - the latest one arrived and was added to stock just today.

Leadership Foundation for Higher Education homepage:

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Online Search Facility for Scottish Music in Wighton Collection, Dundee

Great News!

Friends of Wighton have made a temporary search facility for the Wighton Database.  Andrew Wighton was a Victorian collector of Scottish music.  His entire collection was  bequeathed to the City, in Dundee Central Library, and is kept in a fabulous newly-created space.  A few years ago the collection was catalogued online, and all the songs and tunes in every book were listed on the Wighton Database. 

For a while, this database has been off-line and unsearchable, although Google sometimes retrieved its contents.

So this NEW temporary search page is a great blessing!  Our congratulations to the Friends of Wighton for making this happen.

Search the Wighton Database at

Friday, 20 June 2014

What Makes a Digitally Competent Teacher? Edutech Tells All

We came across this useful posting on the Edutech website:- 

The 7 Characteristics of a Digitally Competent Teacher

 This is likely to be of considerable interest to our B.Ed. students, and the PGCert students training for their teaching certificate in Higher Education.   Also to our Teaching Artist community.

Edutech (Cool tools for the 21st century classroom) homepage - HERE.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Glasgow School of Art: Help Rebuild the Mackintosh Library

After the devastating fire at Glasgow School of Art a few weeks ago, the Library staff have carefully put together a list of the rare books that need to be replaced.  If you come across any in bookshops, or perhaps have an elderly relative who has been an art-loving book-collector ... 

Make no mistake, these books are special, and hard to find.  But we share the GSA Treasures blogpost in the hope that maybe we might be able to help in some small way.

GSA Library Treasures - blogpost

Straight to the GSA Wants List pdf

One for the Wardrobe Department

Now our students are leaving for the summer, presumably those associated with the Royal Conservatoire's Wardrobe department will be turning their attention to their own summer wardrobes.  So we share this, notified to Karen by a sewing friend:-

Free Sewing Patterns - So Sew Easy

Might be useful!

Royal Musical Association - Research Conferences

Researchers at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland may find events to interest them amongst this events listing from the Royal Musical Association:-

  • RMA Research Students' Conference, 8-10 January 2015, University of Bristol. Deadline for proposals of academic papers or compositions in several categories, 27 October 2014.

  • A) RMA Study Day, "Amateur music-making in the British provinces", 18 June 2014, University of Leeds.DETAILS
  •  B) RMA-supported conference, "Music, emotions and well-being:
  • historical and scientific perspectives", 20 June 2014, Centre for the History of the Emotions, Queen Mary, University of London. DETAILS
  • C) RMA-supported conference, "Music and screen media", 25-6 June 2014, University of Liverpool.DETAILS
  • D) RMA Music and Philosophy Study Group, 4th Annual Conference, 27-8 June 2014, King's College London.  DETAILS
  • E) RMA-supported 42nd Medieval and Renaissance music conference, 3-6 July 2014, University of Birmingham. DETAILS
  •  F) RMA-supported conference, "Continuities and ruptures: artistic responses to Jewish migration, internment and exile in the long twentieth century", 6-8 July 2014, University of Leeds.  DETAILS
  • G) RMA-supported conference on Music literature, historiography and aesthetics, 17-18 July 2014, Institute of Musical Research, London. DETAILS
  • H) RMA-supported conference, "Hollywood's musical contemporaries and competitors in the early sound-film era", 26-8 July 2014, University of Surrey. DETAILS
  • I) RMA-supported conference, "The music of war: 1914-1918", 29-31 August 2014, British Library, London. DETAILS
  • J) 50th RMA Annual Conference, 4-6 September 2014, University of Leeds. DETAILS
  • K) RMA-supported conference, "Schoenberg at 140: legacy and reminiscence", 13-14 September 2014, Canterbury Christ Church University. DETAILS

Visit for information on more RMA events from November 2014 onwards.