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Monday, 31 July 2017

Good News for Percussionists

Something to bang the drum about!  We subscribe to the Percussion Orchestrations database, and recently got word of a new improvement ...

Percussion Orchestrations

"Percussion Orchestrations is excited to announce the launch of a brand new feature - downloadable PDFs of Timpani and Percussion parts and Full Scores for works in the public domain. We now have PDF parts and scores for over 2000 works, totalling over 25 GB of files, and will be continuing to add more over the coming months. Go to Database Navigation > PDF Parts to arrive at our main PDF parts index page, or view PDFs from the bottom of the page for the work to which they relate."
RCS readers, please note that you can only access this database on site at the Conservatoire; we regret that it isn't accessible off-site.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

New in Library: Be Your Own Manager: a Career Handbook for Classical Musicians

We've just catalogued our first book on the new library system!  (You have no idea the fun we had getting to the point where you could see the results of our cataloguing work.)

Be your own manager a career handbook for classical musicians, by Bernhard Kerres and Bettina Mehne (London Tenaia Management Ltd, 2017)

Production Line (courtesy of Pixabay)

See it in the library catalogue, here.  Now for the next one ...

Monday, 10 July 2017

Free Research Planners and Guides from Hugh Kearns

We follow Hugh Kearns on Twitter - he offers a lot of very useful advice for PhD students and other

Today, he shared this link, offering free planners and guides.  Planning is essential to any effective research activity, so why not save the link NOW, and commit to downloading your planner this week!

Set Your Sights on Carnegie Hall (Online Competition, but HURRY!)

Pianists, Singers, String Players! 

Don't Miss This!

Today, we received an email announcing a music competition to win the opportunity of playing in Carnegie Hall. There's only one problem - the deadline is 15th July 2017.  (We're sorry - we didn't know about this competition until two minutes ago!)

So ... here are the details (click here)

Ready? Steady ... GO!