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Monday, 28 July 2014

Prima Vista Braille Music Services

Music in Braille

Prima Vista Braille Music Services

The Whittaker Library has just been advised about Prima Vista Braille Music Services.  What they offer looks very useful.  Here's a quote from their "About Us" page:-
'At Prima Vista Braille Music Services, our aim is to make braille music more easily available to visually impaired musicians everywhere.' 

'What we offer:-

'Our website offers transcriptions of copyright music produced in partnership with some of the world’s most innovative music publishers. We’ve developed our own software that works directly with publishers’ production files. This means that when new printed music is published, the braille edition can be produced at the same time. We can also produce individual transcriptions if we don't already have a particular piece you need.  The Guardian newspaper recently produced this short film about Prima Vista, which also works well as an audio piece. Check it out to find out more about our work.'
Click here to find out more.

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