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Monday, 28 July 2014

What do Librarians Do While Students are Away?

Summertime in the Library

We catch up!  The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's Whittaker Library has been adding more of the David Nicholson flute music bequest to stock*, not to mention ...
  • Cataloguing books and policy documents that came our way, 
  • Replacing lost materials, 
  • Authoring podcasts about our services, 
  • Planning training sessions for staff and students ...
  • And of course we're still here for students who're not on vacation, and our academic and support staff colleagues!
Don't forget, you can always check the latest additions to stock by visiting THIS LINK.  (It's at the bottom of the catalogue homepage, by the way). 

*  The best music title award last week went to this little gem from the David Nicholson bequest:- 

The Old Men Admiring Themselves In the Water, by Robert Beaser.  (No kidding!  It sparked off something of a contest between the Whittaker Library and our opposite numbers at the RNCM.  Watch this space for more gems!)

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