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Monday, 28 July 2014

Queries: a Day in the Life of a Conservatoire Library

  •  Q:  Have you got xxxxx, please?  A: Yes, of course.  (You told us the wrong song-cycle, but we've certainly got it ...)
  • Q: Have you a second copy of xxxxx?  A: Thank you for flagging that up - we'll order it!
  • Q: Sorry it's late ....  A (glancing inside at date-label. 1989):  Why, thank you very much!
  • Q: I can't find xxxx!  A (after a careful search): Neither can we. Another order pending!
  • Q - well, more of a statement than a question - "She lost it - it wisnae me!" 
And lastly, let's cheat a little. These queries from outside the Conservatoire weren't made the same day, but they were challenging:-
  • I need a DVD travelogue about Scotland, and it has to be in French ... 
  • I want a book that tells me ALL about music of ALL periods, and writing it, like a music student would be given.  (ONE book?!)

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