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Friday, 20 December 2013

Trumpets, Tubas, Cellos and a Glasgow Night Out

Whittaker offers you a few more musical limericks at this light-hearted time of year:-

A lass in the proud Philharmonic
Slipped out for a quick gin and tonic;
Her tuba was flat -
It had angered her cat -
Though the high notes were quite supersonic.
A student who worshipped his cello
Came home feeling genially mellow;
I say, he proclaimed,
Glasgow parties are famed,
Serenade me till dawn, my good fellow.
No woman with flair on the trumpet
Would want you to call her a crumpet;
You might think she's cute
'Til she picks up a mute,
Picks her target and offers to thump it.

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