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Friday, 5 August 2016

Librarians teach? Of course we do! Here's How ...


'Blending Librarianship with Research and Pedagogy' - article by Karen McAulay for SCONUL Focus 69, July 2017 (56-59)  - read it here.

Here at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, we the Whittaker Library staff offer our services to help our students get the most out of our library and electronic resources.  This help can take a variety of forms!
  • We can talk about the catalogue; 
  • Give an overview of particular electronic resources; 
  • Explain how to access e-books and e-journals; 
  • Give advice on referencing; 
  • Tell students about RefMe, a quick and easy way of saving bibliographic details for an assignment. 
  • We can give an overview suited to particular classes, whether new undergraduates or more advanced students wanting to research information for their reflective journal. 
  • Or we can introduce some of our historical resources, if colleagues are teaching something that would be enhanced by them.
We're happy to appear at the beginning or near the end of a lecture or seminar - small chunks of information can be more palatable than a long spiel.  Obviously, we can't arrange any collaborative learning activities in the context of a lecture theatre, but we're very amenable to discussion as to how best to engage our students in other settings, if this would help.

"Relevant and Timely" is our motto, so we urge our colleagues to get in touch so we can organise our calendars accordingly

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