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Friday, 5 August 2016

A Flurry of Flute Music

The Whittaker Library was honoured to be the recipient of the late David Nicholson's flute music, and we've been steadily adding it to our stock over the past couple of years.  We are nearly at the end of the process now, and we can safely say that our collection of flute music must now surely be second to none.  The last few items will be added over the next fortnight.

All David Nicholson's music has been tagged as "David Nicholson bequest" in the catalogue, so it is easy to see what's there. Take a look at our catalogue ...

Remember, you can search for all our music for any particular combination by using our instrumentation index. Visit the catalogue, and input, for example ...
  • Flute1, piano
  • Flute2, piano
  • Flute1, violin1, piano
  • Flute1, oboe1, clarinet1, bassoon1, horn1
Catalogue home page:-

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