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Friday, 22 January 2016

Burns - a Poet for the 21st Century

Monday is Burns night.  Singers will be out "warbling their wood-notes wild"*, and half of Scotland will be eating haggis and neaps. But Burns and his poems are also the stuff of serious scholarship:- 

Editing Robert Burns for the 21st Century - a project at the University of Glasgow

Did you need some Burns songs to sing?  

  • Check our catalogue here.  Registered staff and students, if you need to borrow anything, then remember we're open until 20:30 on Burns Night (Monday). 
  • Try our music streaming services if you're looking for recordings to accompany that haggis dinner!  
  • Whittaker Library Electronic Resources for staff and students - click here.

When YouTube comes into its own!

  • The Ayoub Sisters play Scottish Melodies. We found this YouTube video which you might enjoy - click here. 
  • Robyn Stapleton and Claire Hastings sing 'Logie o' Buchan' at the Star Folk Club 2014. Another YouTube clip for you! Here. 

Warbling their wood-notes wild: when talking about traditional songs, 
Burns's generation frequently used this phrase, referencing the poet Milton! 

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