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Thursday, 20 August 2015

What's a Big Band Chart? Jazz Musicians Know!

A little bit of knowledge goes a long way!

And we now know that big band music is NOT wind band, concert wind band, symphonic wind band, or indeed brass band music.

We also know that a 'big band chart' is a set containing the score and parts.  And there we were, talking of orchestral, wind or brass sets.  We knew what we meant, but it wasn't helpful to our jazz community.

Jazz students and tutors at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland will soon be able to check the catalogue on their own terms - literally - because all the jazz charts are being indexed in a way that jazzers will recognise!

Search for big band chart, and that's exactly what you'll find.
  • Click here to see what has been updated so far in our Whittaker Library catalogue.  113 charts and counting, at lunchtime today ...

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