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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Physicality in Performance: Transcripts of Choreography

Digital Theatre Plus is one of our premium electronic resources. Visit it via our Library/IT web-pages, or via Moodle.

Staff and students at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland can now explore these transcripts on Digital Theatre Plus.  Watch these newly-released interviews about directing, choreographing theatre, and stage fights.
Transcripts: Practitioners in Practice

"Today on Digital Theatre Plus we release three more transcripts sourced from our Making Theatre library that enable: independent learning, skills development and the understanding of key themes pertinent to the teaching of English and Drama.

"This week we focus on interviews that showcase the value of physicality in performance. Whether it’s stirring the body to an explosion of violence or making a gentle caress peel back the years of a love affair, these three theatre artists understand that it’s often what’s unspoken that communicates the most powerful story.
Now available On Directing: Scott Graham
Lovesong, Lyric Hammersmith

"Frantic Assembly work in a very particular fashion and Scott Graham, the company’s Artistic Director, discusses how he and his collaborators think about making theatre and the influences they draw upon when creating a piece for performance.

On Choreography: Quinny Sacks
A Doll's House, Young Vic

"Esteemed choreographer Quinny Sacks discusses the art of choreography on the stage. We learn the broad range of movement that the term has come to define and the ways in which a choreographer nurtures and enhances the physical language
of the play.

On Fight Directing: Terry King
King Lear, Almeida Theatre

"Terry King, a veteran in stage combat, discusses the complexity of creating violence onstage. As fight director on King Lear he unearths the tasks and responsibilities that his role demands.

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