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Friday, 24 January 2014

Trial of RILM Retrospective - find very old AND very new articles about music

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland subscribes to RILM already, offering music staff and students the best online way of sourcing articles and other writings about music.  It's a quality product - readers are warmly encouraged to explore its coverage.  Registered staff and students can access it anywhere, on any online device, using their Conservatoire login details.

Try an extended database online, on Conservatoire premises!

Now, however, there's more on offer!  We have a trial until 21st February, of RILM Retrospective, which offers a hugely extended dataset going back to 1899.  The trial searches both RILM and Retrospective simultaneously, but - unlike our subscription to the modern database, the trial can only be accessed on Royal Conservatoire of Scotland premises.  (This is because the trial requires our IP address range, rather than using individual readers' logins.)


Boxes down the left side of the screen enable you to refine your search.  To succeed in finding older material, the "Full text" option must NOT be checked.

Like this:                                        

Not like this:

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