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Friday, 4 October 2013

When Boston Brass Came to Play

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland welcomes Boston Brass today - we've just had a fantastic lunchtime concert, and next there's going to be a masterclass with some of our best student ensembles.

Has the Whittaker Library got recordings of this epic group?  Of course we have!  Click here to see what we've got.

We also have a large stock of brass quintet music.  Remember the instrumentation index?  Search like this:-

"Trumpet2, horn1, trombone1, tuba1"

Don't forget the inverted commas - they tell the catalogue search engine how to search.  Results here.
And did you like the Stanton Moore piece, Blues for Ben, arranged by Pilafian?  Boston Brass first heard it played by Bonerama - a trombone and rhythm ensemble.  Find out more about that group here.  What a great piece!  Andrew Hitz was positively virtuosic on tuba in the Boston Brass rendition!

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