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Monday, 23 September 2013

Free-Spirited Dance

Isadora Duncan (1877-1927)

Performing artists of all kinds may be interested in the Bibliolore blog.  It's run by the folk who compile RILM, one of our indexing services.  Although they index music journals, books and recordings, their Bibliolore blog often touches on other performing arts too, and it's always a quality posting.

Today there's a blogpost about the famous dancer, Isadora Duncan. You'll find a video-clip of a dance reconstruction too.

Head of Drama Hugh Hodgart challenged 'Whittaker' to blog about mortality today.  I'd decided to do  posting about Shakespeare, entitled, 'Mortality and Immortality'.  However, that can be another day. 

Because, as we all know, Isadora Duncan faced her own mortality in a sadly untimely way -  strangled by her own scarf as she drove along in an open-topped car. 

If there's a moral here at all, it's to wish all freshers a happy, free-spirited first year - but be careful with long dangling scarves!

Bibliolore homepage:-

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