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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Chamber Music Repertoire in the Whittaker Library

Instrumentalists at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland - this is for you!

It's no secret - there's a way of finding repertoire for your chamber ensemble (anything from two to nine players) in the Whittaker Library Catalogue.

It works the same as putting things in inverted commas in Google.  You enter the instrumentation of your ensemble, top down, and put quotation marks at the beginning and end.  So, here are a couple of examples:- 

"Violin2, viola1, violoncello1" - RESULTS CLICK HERE
"Flute1, oboe1, clarinet1, bassoon1, horn1" - RESULTS CLICK HERE

Sometimes you will also retrieve bigger ensembles that include your own one.  Consider them a bonus!!

Please do ask the library staff if you need help working out the code for your ensemble.

Actors at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland - info about the Cast Index will be posted next!

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