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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Pecha Kucha? Gotcha!

A Pecha Kucha presentation sounds intriguing or intimidating, depending how tech-savvy you are.

There is nothing to it!  (The website explains that it's just a way of presenting 20 slides for 20 seconds each.  It also tells you about scheduled pecha kucha events - but you can adopt the principle without signing up to the pecha kucha website.)

My first timed pecha kucha
Obviously, what you want is a visible timer to keep you right, and automated slide advances.  (You also want to make sure your slides are simple, clear, and can be covered verbally in just under 20 seconds!)

So, here's how to get a visible timer into your presentation.  (I did mine the easy way, but I've since played around with templates and worked out the proper way to do it!)

EASY.  If you're not comfortable with templates, you can do it this way:-
  1.  Make your presentation
  2. Here's a link for a countdown timer gif -open the link then select and copy the red timer
  3. Insert a countdown gif on each slide (use Control + v) - make sure it's the same position every time, so it doesn't "jump" visually when you advance slides in your presentation.
PROPER WAY.  Create a template with your timer on it.
  1. Here's a link for a countdown timer gif -open the link then select and copy the red timer
  2. In PowerPoint, click New.
  3. Click on View
  4. Click on Master layout
  5. Add your timer to top or bottom right hand corner (Control + V)
  6. Save as Powerpoint template, with a recogniseable name
  7. Use this template whenever you need to use a timer - it should appear on every slide, if you've saved the master.
Whichever way you chose, you now want to get your presentation advancing automatically:-
  1. Go to Transitions
  2. Look at the Advance Slide tab
  3. Adjust to the number of seconds you want.  (To fit in with the 20-second timer, clearly you need a 20 second advance!) 
Save the presentation!  Take care - if you've made a template, you now want to save the finished presentation as a PowerPoint, but not as a template, ie pptx not potx format.

I've uploaded my presentation on - but I'm sharing a version without the whizzy timed presentation, in case the embedded version couldn't handle it.

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