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Monday, 17 June 2013

Links with Scotland's Musical Past - Lillias Scott Forbes with Tom Hubbard

Nonagenarian poet Lillias Scott Forbes talks to Tom Hubbard at the Whittaker Library's next event tomorrow, Tuesday 18th June at 4 pm.

Lillias is the daughter of composer Francis George Scott, whose compositions are represented in our Library.  (He was active between the First and Second World Wars - read more about him in John Purser's Scotland's Music.)  And Lilias was married to Erik Chisholm, a twentieth century Scottish composer who spent much of his adult life in South Africa.  

You can read more about this epoch in Scotland's musical history in further books by Purser, but our poetry reading focuses on the work of Lillias and another poet published by Grace Note Publications, Tom Hubbard.

Lilias Scott Forbes - Views from the Bench
Tom Hubbard - The Chagall Winnocks

There will be musical input nonetheless, with high tenor James Lee Slimings singing, and playing a piano solo by Francis George Scott and Erik Chisholm.

Free admission, with light refreshments.  Don't miss it!

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