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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Library Treasures

'Whittaker' is looking forward to talking to some of the BA Scottish Music Students about old Scottish song collections in our own Library, on Friday this week.

If you see 'Whittaker' (aka Karen) staggering under a HUGE PILE of old music books on the way to class, smile indulgently and try not to bump into her.  We do have quite a lot of Scottish song collections, and her challenge is to talk about as many of them as she can fit into an hour!

(She's also struggling with her two identities: a librarian who knows quite a bit about Scottish music.  If she wasn't a librarian, she wouldn't be talking about them.  If she didn't know about Scottish music, she couldn't say as much!)

Part of being a subject librarian is engaging with staff and students on our various courses, sharing information about what the Whittaker Library can offer, and how we can help.  Course-leaders at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland are encouraged to invite us to come and speak to classes whenever we can be of assistance.  Don't hesitate to ask us - it's one of best bits of the job!

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