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Friday, 15 March 2013

Ewan MacColl, 20th Century Grand Old Man of Folk

 Ewan MacColl (1915-1989)

Ask many an American or British folk music enthusiast over 40 to name prominent folksingers of the mid-20th century, and they'll probably name Ewan MacColl and his wife, Peggy Seeger.

Peggy Seeger's website offers a wealth of information about both of them.  Here's the link for Ewan MacColl.

'Whittaker' will be mentioning Ewan (briefly) at a lecture to some of our Scottish music students this morning.  Specifically, there'll be reference to his The Singing Island published collection (1960), and a setting of one of his songs in a brand new Faber folksong compilation, The Language of Folk (2013).  Both in the Whittaker Library collection, naturally.

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