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Friday, 7 September 2012

Classical Music Library embeddable links

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland staff and students!

Did you know you can embed an Alexander Street Press link to a PowerPoint or a website?  That means you can SHARE a recording with a friend or colleague.

The easiest and most straightforward option is the stable URL link - in this case,

The other option is an embeddable piece of code so that registered staff and students of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland could to listen to the music that you selected, provided they were already logged in. (Beware - the disadvantage is that the track plays automatically,every time a logged in reader clicks on the page!  On the other hand, not many folk WILL be logged in.)  I can see a potential use for this on a VLN (virtual learning network) like Moodle, though.  On-site, where everyone has instant access to Classical Music Library, you could have a page dedicated to the stable URL, and you'd only click on it if you wanted to hear the track.

Even more magical (for the geeks amongst us), is the fact that I downloaded both the link and the code when I was logged in at home, but they're also accessible in the Conservatoire building.  That means you could upload the code while you were doing lesson preparation in the evenings, and use it in lectures by day.  This is a big advantage of the Classical Music Library streaming set-up.  Whilst I prefer the user experience of the Naxos Music Library streaming service, their static URLs aren't quite as interchangeable on and off-site.

  • CML is 'portable' in both directions.
  • With Naxos, you can upload links at home and use them at work, but not in the opposite direction.

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