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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Musical limericks no.10 (GO VOCAL)

It's the singers' turn ...

The Highs

A cute little Scottish soprano
First encountered her spouse in Milano,
So they cancelled her flight
And were up half the night
Singing amorous songs at the piano.

And the Lows

The contralto said "Bonnie Dundee"
Would suit her range better in C;
But when asked to transpose,
Her accompanist froze;
checked his diary, and croaked, "I'm not free!"

Schwarzkopf (shampoo) anyone?

A vain, image-conscious young tenor
Said hair products packaged for men, or
For family use
Using fruit-fragranced juice
Were not nearly as luscious as henna.

From the valleys

A baritone lad from Caerphilly
Said Strauss operette were silly;
A La Scala role
Was his ultimate goal,
Via Glyndebourne or first, Piccadilly.

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