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Monday, 20 February 2012

Explore the British Library

  • Searching for books on a subject?
  • Compiling a bibliography? 

If you're writing up an essay, you'll already have a list of books and articles consulted.  But maybe you're scoping a subject before you begin a project?  Or you want to be sure you've got your bibliographic details correctly cited?

  1. See what we have in the Whittaker Library - paper and electronic resources. Search our catalogue here.
  2. Take a look at COPAC or the British Library catalogue.  COPAC lets you compare all the British university and national libraries, and Trinity College Dublin's library.  The British Library catalogue is just for their own materials, but it's great for checking different editions and just generally finding out what's out there.  There's a new link to the British Library this year.  Save it to your favourites, and to your Diigo account, so you can access it any time you want.

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