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Friday, 4 November 2016

19th Century Flute Manuscripts: Glasgow and Dundee

The Whittaker Library has recently acquired a small mid-19th century flute manuscript.  Since it originated in Glasgow, we like to think we repatriated it!  Karen has worked out the identity of the original owner/compiler - a big Glasgow name, as it happens - and discovered that the building where he both lived and had his architect's practice, still stands today.  All very exciting - watch this space.  (It isn't even in the catalogue yet, but it soon will be!)

It's particularly exciting because it means we can compare it with James Simpson's three flute manuscripts from Dundee - they're only 15 or so years earlier, but quite different in character.  They've been in the Whittaker Library special collections for some years now.  Read our earlier blog about them here.  Or read Karen's article in the RMA Research Chronicle:-

McAulay, Karen E., Nineteenth-Century Dundonian Flute Manuscripts Found at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Royal Musical Association Research Chronicle vol.38 (2005) pp.99-141.  (Stable URL:

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