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Monday, 31 October 2016

Ghostly Goings On in the Library at Halloween

We'd love to tell you we have a library ghost, but sadly there's no evidence of one. If you want to spice up your Halloween celebrations tonight, the best we can suggest is to check our catalogue for ghosts, witches, or pumpkins.  Or even just look up halloween.  We're surprisingly well-supplied in that direction!

We can also supply the theme-tune for Ghostbusters ....

However, Karen has blogged often enough about historical Scottish music collectors - and historical Scottish music borrowers, in St Andrews - so if you want musical ghosts, that's where to look.  Rumour has it that there's a ghost at the University of Glasgow! We can't comment on that.

 For today, and today only, let's resurrect Karen's old blog - True Imaginary Friends (well, it was about Georgian and Victorian Scottish musicians!).  More recently, Karen has given papers on Ghosts of Borrowers Past, ‘The Legal Deposit Music at St. Andrews: Scottish airs, Irish and Hebrew Melodies and other late Georgian favourites', and various other aspects of music usage at the University of St Andrews between 1801-1849. 

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