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Friday, 2 September 2016

MusiCB3 Blog Commemorates Great Fire of London and mentions Scotland?! Read on!

The bloggers at the Music Library in the University of Cambridge remind us that 350 years ago today, the Great Fire of London caused untold devastation.  And yes, we all learned to sing "London's Burning" as a round at school.  The song has a link closer to home than you'd imagine, though.  Read the blogpost to find out more:-

St Paul's in morning sunshine

To celebrate, to commemorate: The Great Fire of London

Incidentally, did you see what has been done to St Paul's as part of the commemoration?  (Don't worry, it's done by lighting, not real flames!)  Read about it in The Guardian, Wednesday 31st August 2016:-    

 Artists' flames mark 350th anniversary of Great Fire of London

Image from The Guardian - see link above


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