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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

To Be or Not To [Sewing] Bee - Costume Books at the Whittaker Library

A rare and wonderful thing happened today - the music librarian was let loose in the Wardrobe Department. In 28 years, this was a first. (To be fair, she never asked before!) We needed a dummy, you see, and a Regency gown - to enhance our display of costume-making books. Do take a look - this is just a tiny selection from the attractive and informative costume books from the Whittaker Library, and we hope they'll appeal to some of our new students who'll be arriving in just a few weeks' time.

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is on two sites in Glasgow, the original one in Renfrew Street, and the other at Speirs Locks in Garscube Road. Our Library is in Renfrew Street, but we hope our costume and production students will find time to come and see what we've got, because the drama librarians have gathered these materials together over many years, and there's something for everyone- from beginner dressmakers, to would-be Sewing Bees.  We also have a weekly book-fetching service on Fridays, so staff and students can request books to be delivered to Speirs Locks.

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