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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

You can't attend ISME and not visit the Whittaker Library!

This Sunday marks the start of a week when Glasgow is literally flooded with music teachers of all ages and stages (the teachers and their pupils, that is!).  The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is hosting the ISME conference - the International Society of Music Education.

Now, we know you're very busy, and you'll be talking and listening, networking and gathering new ideas.  If you need someone quiet to sit and reflect about all this, do come and visit the Whittaker Library.  Take a look at our music, books and magazines.  Our music librarian, Karen McAulay, is giving a paper on the afternoon of Friday 29th - come and say hello, and see our little exhibition of historic and modern Scottish music.  We can point you to more Scottish music on the open shelves.

Performance Opportunities?

One of our lecturers, J. Simon van der Walt, is looking for gamelan players.   And Karen has made some little arrangements of Scottish tunes for flute ensemble.  If you play gamelan or have brought your flute, do get in touch!

Also, we understand a human guinea-pig is needed for a piano workshop. If you're going to be at the conference on Wednesday 27th, contact ISME to be put in touch with the presenter of this session.

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