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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Finding Chamber Music Repertoire at RCS

A very long time ago, before we even had a library computer system, we built a database for finding chamber music for different ensembles. The database was incorporated into the library computer system in due course, and we've had it on board ever since.  We index anything that has parts, up to and including nonets.

Because it is a 'heritage' database, we had to encode it a certain way, so you could tell how many of any particular instrument would be required.  Time for an example: here's a string quartet!   

Violin2, viola1, violoncello1

And to reinforce the point, here's a wind quintet:

Flute1, oboe1, clarinet1, bassoon1, horn1

Because computers are more sophisticated now, it doesn't much matter which order you enter the instruments, but there are three basic rules: 
  1. Enter instrument name in the singular (Violin not Violins)
  2. Enter the number immediately after the instrument - no spaces (Flute1 not Flute 1) 
  3. With the exception of piano duets, we don't put a number after a single piano.  So a piece for flute and piano is Flute1, piano, but a piece for piano duet is Piano1 (4 hands) or Piano2 (4 hands).
You can also look for items with voice and a chamber ensemble:

Voice1, violin1, piano

To try out the chamber music search, visit our online catalogue and see what you can find! Happy hunting!

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