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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Key players on the British musical scene: the Holst Archive

Ask anyone about British or English 20th century music, and they'll probably name Gustav Holst and his daughter Imogen. Imogen also worked for Benjamin Britten - she really was a key player on the musical scene.

That's why the Holst Archive is so important.  A recent newsflash says it all:-
"The Britten-Pears Foundation is launching a new blog as part of the National Cataloguing Grants Programme funded project 'Hopes, dreams and difficulties: the archives of Imogen Holst".
     Imogen Holst was the daughter of the composer Gustav Holst and her collected papers document not only her own life and work, but also include music manuscripts, correspondence and personal papers of her father.
     Imogen is perhaps best known for her role as the musical assistant of Benjamin Britten, but she deserves further attention in her own right as a composer and music educator. We hope that by making her papers more accessible we will help to raise the profile of this significant figure in twentieth-century British music.
     The blog will chart the progress of the project, highlight interesting records, examine aspects of Imogen's life and work, and look at issues that arise in cataloguing the collection of an individual within living memory.
     Visit our blog to find out more about the project and the collection, and of course to subscribe:"

Julie-Ann Vickers
Holst Project Archivist
Britten-Pears Foundation
Main Office line 01728 451700

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