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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Japanese Woman Composer Chizuko Yoshida

Have you ever wondered why there isn't more music published by woman composers?  This blog isn't the place for an in-depth discussion (though much, much more could be said!), but since we've been adding more books about women and music, we thought we'd better also add more music by women!

What could be more timely than the discovery of Chizuko Yoshida's music in a pile of music pending cataloguing?  There are three books - mainly songs, choral works and oboe music - and a fourth book with the English lyrics, commentary, and some original art-work. 

Published by her son Naohiro Yoshida in 2010, the music was gifted to the Whittaker Library, with a letter explaining that Yoshida had used poems of Japanese classical poets from the 8th to 20th centuries as lyrics in her vocal works.  Her son comments, 'Works of Japanese women composers are still not well known outside Japan.  Please consider this as our contribution to better understanding and cultural exchange.'

Chizuko Yoshida died in 2013.  We'd like to think that her family will be pleased we are sharing her
music so that it can be discovered here in Glasgow, halfway round the world.

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