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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Happy St Patrick's Day from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland!

The Whittaker Library has a micro, table-top exhibition (it's a small table) of Irish materials that might interest our readers on St Patrick's Day.

In particular, we have a copy of Thomas Moore's Irish melodies, which has already interested one of our opera students, who explained that the famous song, "The Minstrel Boy", is mentioned in the opera that the opera students are currently working on.  Many of Moore's songs were highly political at the time - don't be deceived into thinking that they're all just cute Georgian/Victorian parlour songs!
There's Irish drama to look at too.  The exhibition is only on this week, so don't miss it!  Also, visit our Facebook page for more pictures.

And the leprechaun?  Why, that's Lafferty the Library Leprechaun, to be sure!  (He's exhausted after his busy day ...)

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