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Friday, 29 January 2016

When a Reference leads to a Book not a Job Offer

RefMe saves your references!

 If you write essays or other assignments, you'll have been told to make sure you cite your references;
in other words, you must say which author you're quoting from.  (Some people talk about references, some about citations.  Same thing.)

There are many ways of citing your references - basically, they're different ways of formating your references so that they all give the necessary bibliographical information in a prescribed way.  Here at RCS, we use the Harvard referencing style.  (Click here to find a page about it. You'll have to be an RCS student or staff member to access this page.)

It's very handy to automate the procedure a bit, by using referencing software.  There are a number of free apps available.  RefMe is one of the latest, and probably the simplest.

How to use it?  Sign up here.

  1. If you're citing books, go to your library catalogue or a website like Amazon or Copac.  
  2. Highlight and copy the title of the book you've quoted from, and make a mental note of the date the book was published.
  3. Tell RefMe that you're creating a reference.
  4. Tell RefMe you're listing a book.  A search box will appear.
  5. Copy and paste the book title in.
  6. Choose your book from the list of results that will appear - make sure the date is right. Click on it.
  7. Bingo! Your first reference.
  8. Once you've got all your references listed, you can export it various ways, eg as a Word document.  That can be copied and pasted at the end of your essay.

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