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Monday, 19 October 2015

Unveiling a new source of Digital Resources for Musicology

Do you teach or study any aspect of musicology?

If you're looking for digital resources for musicology - say, digitized Beethoven scores - then this new website looks really useful.  Do take a look to see if it has anything relevant to your area of study or teaching!

Digital Resources for Musicology

 Quoting from the website homepage,
This website provides links to substantial open-access projects of use to musicians and musicologists. With a burgeoning number of digital resources available, remembering titles of sites and pathways to them can be difficult. Digital Resources in Musicology (DRM) is organized topically and provides a rapid search tool for specialties within heterogeneous collections. Neither the links or their descriptions are exhaustive.
Older projects predating the development of the internet are listed at ADAM: Archive of Digital Applications in Musicology. Curated digital and hybrid editions are itemized at EVE: Electronic and Virtual Editions. Harvard's Online Resources for Music Scholars offer a somewhat different, largely complementary mix of projects.

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