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Friday, 7 August 2015

Finding the Big Band Charts

We have quite a few big band charts in the Whittaker Library collection.  All beautifully catalogued, too, but there was a problem.  

What our jazz musicians asked for, was 'big band charts'.  But although our catalogue gave details of composer, arranger, title, publisher, instrumentation - the words big band chart just weren't there. 

It felt like a summer project for Trimester 3.  Although it hasn't felt much like summer here, we're proud to say that the big band chart project is now under way.  All the wind and brass sets are being checked to ensure there aren't any big band charts hiding away, undiscovered and/or undiscoverable.  And all the big band charts are getting their catalogue entries revised to make them more accessible.

You want to find big band charts?  Type big band chart in the catalogue search box!  So far, it looks like this (click here).  Keep coming back - there will be more by the end of next week!

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