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Monday, 4 May 2015

Phantom Wheel-Tappers, Toe-Tappers, Podium Rappers ...

Waltzing Away at St Rollox
Steam Locomotive at the Riverside Museum

 Cataloguing away merrily in the library,  we've just found a link with Glasgow's industrial past in the unlikely context of Weber's Invitation to the Waltz!

An old set of parts in our orchestral collection was gifted to us when its original owners no longer needed it.  This set first belonged to Caledonian Railway Workshops Orchestra at St Rollox, before being gifted to the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama when we were at St George's Place, Glasgow.   

Since then, St George's Place became Nelson Mandela Place, and more recently we moved to Renfrew Street in 1987, before changing our name to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in September 2011.

An interesting history! We wonder if any of the Caledonian Railway Workshops Orchestra members are still alive, after all this time ...

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