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Friday, 3 April 2015

Whittaker Library Open 9-5 Tuesday to Friday this Week (7-10 April)

Don't Panic!

The Library is operating holiday hours this week - we're open 9-5, Tuesday to Friday.  Normal hours recommence on Monday 13th April.

Were you intending to start working on that essay assignment?

Our staff and students can visit the electronic resources on our library web-pages to access all the premium online materials that we subscribe to on your behalf.  There's a page for databases, indexes, streamed music and video etc - and another page for our electronic journals.  Click HERE.  Almost everything is available off-campus, though you'll need your institutional login - that's the login you use every time you access an RCS computer.

If you're one of the lucky students writing an essay on Stravinsky or Beethoven, please stay on this Whittaker Live blog, as there are several posts offering you helpful advice as to where you can gather information.

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