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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Who was Mrs Garden of Troup?

Mrs Garden of Troup's Strathspey was so very popular, we thought we'd ask:- who was Mrs Garden of Troup?

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Calum said...

Well, this narrows it down to within a 200 year timespan :D

Christine said...

According to she seems to have been Penelope Smythe who in 1791 married Francis Campbell-Garden, heir to Troup [House] in Gardenstown, fishing village and family seat founded by Alexander Garden 1720, Banffshire, now Aberdeenshire. Robert Petrie the composer (1767-1830)was a gardener for the Garden family of Troup and composed tunes for various family members. (Gamrie was the name of the existing bay and parish so Gamrie/Gardenstown were used interchangeably until formal separation in 1885.