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Thursday, 5 February 2015

While You Were Away ...

During Bridge Week, our students are so busy pushing the boundaries that they don't make it into the Whittaker Library quite as much as usual. 

Don't for a minute think we've been resting while you were away!  
  • We've added new stock, we've blogged, and we've tweeted.  
  • We've ordered new books to support our students in their personal lives as well as their studies - watch this space, because we'll tell you when they arrive!
  • We've thought about useful online web resources for essay assignments coming up, 
  • And we've talked about National Library Day.  (Send us your shelfies on Saturday!)
Mind you, we've been part of Bridge Week too, because we've hosted the Human Library every lunchtime.  The only remaining question is this forthcoming performance about a sad librarian.  We hope we didn't provide the inspiration?!

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