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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Simon McKerrell Invites You to a Webinar about Scottish Music (17th February)

RCS Alumnus Simon McKerrell is now a lecturer at the University of Newcastle.  His research is into 'Understanding Scotland Musically' - he has written various articles, organised a conference, has a book shortly to be published and another co-authored one on the way.

If you'd like to talk about  'understanding Scotland musically', and to share your views with Simon, then he is organising a webinar to which you are invited.  (Webinar = Seminar on the Web).

Full details here.  Quoted from Simon's Understanding Scotland Musically Website:-
Webinar 17th February 2015, 3pm

"There will be a webinar to discuss the project for anyone who is interested at 3pm on February the 17th 2015. You can join the meeting, which will become live at that time simply by clicking on this link

"Participants in the webinar will receive several draft articles dealing with Scottish traditional music that are not currently available to the public for comment and feedback."

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