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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Of Course, You Love Giving Presentations?! Try This ...

Everyone knows of PowerPoint.  Good old dependable PowerPoint, with a reasonable array of different formats and applications.  But have you ever wished you could try using something different?

Perhaps you've already turned to Prezi?  Many people love it.  Used well, it's great.  Used badly, the audience can end up feeling dizzy as you whizz across the screen, in and out of bubbles, generally mimicking a mosquito on speed.  It's not for everyone!

Our professional association, CILIP, featured a new kid on the block, recently: PowToon. Karen explored it briefly last week, and decided it might make a useful alternative for presentations that aren't trying too hard to be serious and scholarly.  This is just a first impression, and maybe a little unfair, since she didn't look at all the templates PowToon had to offer.  Still, it was easy enough to use, and you can share your finished presentation by hyperlink or email.  We haven't yet tried to see if a PowToon presentation can also be saved to USB stick, so that's something we'll need to find out about and report back on.

Why not visit the website and experiment with the free basic sign-up?

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