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Monday, 1 December 2014

Manic Monday Assignment Crisis?

When you're up against deadlines, it's easy to panic.  But don't forget, the Whittaker Library has loads of materials to help you.  As well as the books on the shelves (ask for help if you can't find what you need), we have lots of online materials too.  If you're off-campus, it's good to know there's material you can still access. 
Find them on our Electronic Resources pages on the Library website or via Moodle.  Off-campus, you'll need to login, generally by picking RCS from a list of institutions then using your usual RCS login.
  • JSTOR has literally thousands of articles about every aspect of music under the sun.
  • RILM is another music resource - it has abstracts (summaries) of articles, books and more.
  • Oxford Music Online is the world's best music encyclopedia.
  • Naxos, one of our streaming services, is a bit like Spotify.  An added extra is the ability to access cover notes, giving programme notes for any piece of music on the website.  RCS students should ask us if they need the off-campus login - it's not the general RCS one.
We also have a page for Electronic Journals, which might be helpful to you.

Last but not least, some textbooks are available as e-books as well as paper copies.  They're just in the catalogue like any book, but there's a hyperlink for e-book access.

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