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Monday, 10 November 2014

Meanwhile, Music is Live in Manchester Libraries ...

Are you from Manchester?  Got musical friends there?  Going back this weekend?  There's news of a week of live music in Manchester libraries, from Library Live:-
Read the article in the Independent, for a start:-
"Have a listen to some of the broadcasts this week - including the Vivaldi 'Manchester Sonatas'  being played live on Radio 3's In Tune this afternoon from the library.   Ros Edwards, Service Development Co-Ordinator for music,  may make an appearance on Guy Garvie's Radio 6 show next Sunday 16th  talking about some of the Henry Watson Music Library Treasures. 
"And if anyone is in the vicinity of Manchester Central Library this week its worth popping in - the whole place is humming - almost literally.  Lots happening all week, much of it musical.  Good advocacy for public libraries and music libraries ...
"Check out the events website too"

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