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Monday, 27 October 2014

DID Bach's wife have a hand in the cello suites?

Can You Trust What the Papers Say?

Reported in the Daily Mail, a scholar's suggestion that Anna Magdalena Bach might have written the cello suites!  

Do you believe it?  Can you?  READ HERE, if you're curious!

If you're nervous about trusting what you read in a popular newspaper, a Conservatoire colleague suggests you may prefer to read it in the Telegraph, HERE.

The sceptical amongst us quite rightly ask whether something you read in a newspaper is trustworthy at all.  Can you trust something that has been reduced to an attention-grabbing headline?  Would you quote it in an essay?  (Probably not.)  When was the research done, and by whom?

On this occasion, you can relax a bit, because the original paper was delivered at an Australian university a couple of years ago:-

"Mrs Bach and the Cello Suites" - the paper Martin Jarvis delivered in 2012.

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