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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Pictures of Scotland, Scottish Music, Scottish People and Places ... SCRAN!


If you need Scottish images for educational purposes, Scran is the place to go.  The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's Whittaker Library has a subscription for staff and students here.

  • Pictures of Scotland as it is now, or in the past?  Got it!
  • Excerpts of famous old music collections, like the Scots Musical Museum? Nae bother!
  • Audio or Video clips of not just music but other activities too?  Yes, Scran has them.
  • Ideas for costume designers?  Certainly!  (Take a look HERE.)
Here's the link:- .  If you're not in the Conservatoire building, pick the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland from the list of institutions, and use your student or staff login.

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