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Monday, 22 September 2014

We Call them Electronic Resources - What's in a Name?

"Where do you keep your E-Resources?"

We talk about "Electronic Resources" and assume our staff and students know what we're talking about.  However, we had a query last year which made us wonder if we're using the right term!  

"Where do you keep your E-Resources?"  

Unpacking the question revealed that this wasn't an enquiry as to where they might be found on our website, but rather, where we physically kept them.  (Right!)

So how should we introduce our electronic resources?  Let's start from the known, move to the unknown.  You use Google. You use Wikipedia.  And IMSLP.  Maybe even Google Scholar and Google Books.  They are all free sources of information.  You don't always know how authoritative they are, or if they retrieve the best information.

Our electronic resources are paid-for, quality sources of information.  We subscribe on our staff and student community's behalf.

Access is via our website, or via our virtual learning network.

  • Website access - click here (scroll down, click on Electronic Resources.  There are also E-Journals.)
  • Our virtual learning network (a bit like the schools Glow network, but just for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) is called Moodle, with a parallel system called Mahara for shared information.  Once you've signed up to Moodle, you'll be able to access the Library's Mahara page - that is where you'll find our Electronic Resources. 

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