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Monday, 8 September 2014

Whittaker Library shares the latest E-Resources

Next week, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is holding a Learning and Teaching Conference for staff. The Whittaker Library's subject librarians are champing at the bit to share all the latest electronic resources with their academic colleagues at special sessions on Wednesday 17th September.

Dip Your Toe in the Water!

It’s good practice to set training sessions in context by giving attendees a chance to think about what’s coming up in the session, before the session actually takes place. So we're encouraging our colleagues to take a look at the Library's e-resources page.

In the music session, Catherine will be focusing on Alexander Street Press (Music Online Premium, or MOP) and Naxos; and Karen will be talking about JSTOR and RILM, with a brief mention of Oxford Music. Before the session, colleagues are encouraged to try searching for something that's bound to get results, like Mendelssohn, or Kodaly.

Meanwhile, Alan will be giving a simultaneous session for drama and dance specialists. The e-resources can all be found on the same page, whichever RCS department staff are attached to. 


Calm Sea and a Prosperous Voyage (click HERE)

This is a quick introductory session – hopefully we'll have our colleagues swimming in the cyber-sea of electronic resources before they know it!

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