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Friday, 5 September 2014

Essays on Engaging Music Students (Getting them interested, not hiring them!)

Engaging Students: Essays in Music Pedagogy

Morning, everyone! This online collection of essays looks as though it could be quite useful; we're sharing it on here this blog so our academics will be able to retrieve it in future too. There are two volumes now - the second has just been published online.
More about this project, quoted from the opening page of Vol.1:- 
"Engaging Students: Essays in Music Pedagogy presents short essays on the subject of student-centered learning, and serves as an open-access, web-based resource for those teaching college-level classes in music.
The motivation behind the assembly of this collection was drawn in part from our vision for a new format for scholarly communication based upon collaborative and swift peer review. We take our inspiration from hack-a-thons, in which creative solutions to a problem emerge from working intensely together in a collaborative environment for a limited time. Authors received feedback quickly, and the revision process consisted of efficient online interactions with the editorial group. The final result is not only open-access, but open-source. Each essay is licensed to encourage collaboration to continue post-publication, as the essays are distributed, remixed, and hacked in various ways. And the entire volume can be "forked" and used as the basis for new projects or updates to the current project..."  *
Do you have a Diigo account (for saving links "in the cloud")? Karen has a Diigo folder foreducation links - feel free to browse, and you might find other useful stuff! 

*Legal details:- "All contents on this site, unless otherwise stated, are copyright 2013 by the Engaging Students editorial board and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.  This is a FlipCamp project hosted on GitHub Pages"

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