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Friday, 8 August 2014

Getting Into Naxos Music Library

Streaming Music via the Whittaker Library

 Are you a registered student or staff member of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland?  We subscribe to Naxos Music Library and Alexander Street Press Classical Music Library so you can stream (almost) to your heart's content.

The easiest way in is to visit the Whittaker Library Electronic Resources page..   This gives you access to all our e-resources. We also have a Mahara page.

Naxos is one of the few subscription services we offer, that does NOT use the conventional Shibboleth institutional login system.  Access is different for campus use and off-site use.  Campus access is automatic, needing no password.  Registered students and staff of RCS should contact the Whittaker Library for the off-campus password. 

Extra information
  • Are you on campus right now?  Registered RCS students and staff can get quick access to Naxos without visiting our e-resources page, by using the following link, which only works internally:-

  • will NOT take you to our Naxos Music Library subscription service, but to their commercial website, whilst is an invalid address. 

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