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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Awa Tae Scuilwab! (Improve Your Scots Language Skills)

The other day, we blogged about Scuilwab's grown-up cousin, the Dictionary of Scots Language.  But if you haven't encountered Scuilwab, then you've only seen one side of the picture.  Scuilwab is another website about the Scots language, this time with an educational slant.  It's intended for anyone from nursery school teachers to university level folk wanting to improve their Scots language skills.

If you're a folk singer (see if you can find the ballads!), a trainee teacher, or just curious, why not take a look? 
And if someone tells you to "Awa an' bile yer heid!"?

There's a Mars bar for the first Royal Conservatoire of Scotland registered reader to find a translation on Scuilwab or the Dictionary of Scots Language.  (Post the link as a comment here.)  If you can't find it, try the Urban Dictionary, but there's no Mars bar for that!

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